Café Byron is...

A charming view of the lake and the mountains

A pleasant escape in a historical place…

A friendly place

To share your feelings about your visit to Chillon Castle and its English Gardens over a snack or a meal…

A choice of Swiss and local products

A guarantee of quality, proximity and taste, to be discovered on your plate…

The opportunity to organise private events


An establishment committed to sustainable development

In 2021, Switzerland Tourism launched its new “Swissstainable” program.

The aim of the program is to highlight the tourism actors committed to contribute to Switzerland’s sustainable travel destination. This includes the community, the economy and the environment. The program comprises three levels of achievement: Level I – committed, Level II – engaged, Level III – leading.

As of March 2022, the Café Byron has been classified as “Swisstainable Level III – leading”, the recognition of our efforts to meet the highest level of requirements.

Furthermore, this attestation is the confirmation of all the daily actions taken by our teams across all our restaurants, and Novae‘s long-term commitment to ultra-local purchasing as well as corporate social responsability.